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Matscan is a low profile floor mat that captures barefoot pressures and gives data to support diagnosis and mode of treatment. Unlike traditional tests, MatScan provides insight into foot function and biomechanics, and identifies regions of high plantar pressure that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It can provide insight into foot function and biomechanics. It can also monitor the progress of foot function during rehab or muscle training.

MatScan allows the doctors to:

  • Screen patients on the basis of foot pressures, function and postural related problems.
  • Quickly identify foot pressures, foot function and some gait parameters.
  • Monitor the progress / efficiency of foot function during rehabilitation or muscle training.
  • Recommend insoles and/or footwear in a retail setting.
  • Reduce incidence of ulcers and/or pressure sores and speed healing time
  • Observe what the neuropathic foot cannot feel
  • teach rehabilitation exercises for the lower limb

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